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**We are in the process of updating our website. New website coming this spring!!
If you run into any dead pages, you can find all our classes and workshops here: http://radiantheartyoga.blogspot.com/p/online-registration.html
Contact Radiant Heart Yoga at info@RadiantHeartYoga.com or 224-241-2008**

Jan 19, 2015

IMPORTANT- Website Updates!

Our website is going through major updates this winter. Please excuse any tech issues!

Please contact Radiant Heart Yoga at info@RadiantHeartYoga.com or 224-241-2008 if you are experiencing any issues finding information or registering for classes.

Thanks for your patience!

Jan 7, 2015

Tot and Baby Classes Cancelled Today

Due to the extreme cold (again!), we are postponing the start of our Friday Tot and Baby yoga classes until next Friday. The 5 week session will run Jan 16- Feb 13.

Keep those babies warm and see you next week!

Jan 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

RHY will be back to a normal schedule starting Saturday Jan 3rd. Winter II session classes are now open online for registration.

Some of our classes run in 5 week sessions: Fertility Yoga, Baby Yoga, Tot Yoga, and Tyke Yoga.

Our Yoga for Women and Prenatal classes run on a single class basis. What that means is that you purchase a package or single class online and reserve your spot in class at least 2 hours before class begins. You can chose any day to come, just let us know that you will be coming ahead of time.

You can see the full listing of our classes and workshops on the Online Registration page

*Please note that all our classes and workshops require advance registration*

Check out our workshops and groups too! We are always adding more.

For further details on any of our classes or if you have any questions, contact RHY at 224-241-2008 or email info@RadiantHeartYoga.com